Perhaps Bard is Not a Playwright

Russell L. Brand
1 min readJul 13
Perhaps Bard is Not a Playwright

I had asked ChatGPT to write a happy ending for Dear Evan Hansen.

I was pretty happy with the result.

I then asked Google’s Bard to do the same and was disappointed.

To be fair, I have been using ChatGPT intensively for months, and this was literally my first attempt to use Bard.

Still, I was disappointed.

I was able to get a lot of variants that were all terrible in that they missed the essence of the happy ending.

There were other issues that I presume, with more experience with Bard, I could have resolved, but this one is key, and I got nowhere with it before running out of patience.

I couldn’t find one screenful from the session that was worth pasting into this piece.

Didn’t tools have different strengths, and perhaps being a Bard is not one of Bard’s. Still, unlike ChatGPT, at least Bard didn’t moralize at me.

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